When’s the Best Time to Visit the BVI?

As with any destination the weather in the BVI fluctuates throughout the year. Of particular interest to sailors of course are the winds, the crowds and chances of rain and storms.


Exciting Winds and Good Times

From December to February you can expect the BVI to really pull out all the stops in terms of gorgeous weather. There are sunny skies, little chance of rain and moderate daily temperatures for hanging out on deck or on land. The winter months (November to January) bring winds of 15-20 knots, with the Christmas winds blowing at 25-30 knots for several days at a time.

This is one of the best times to visit the BVI and the number of visitors does reflect this, but if you’re looking for a party, this will be the time to find it! Sailors and merrymakers flock to the islands for the holidays, making for a lively vacation with plenty of opportunities to have fun and get involved.


The Beautiful Weather only Gets Better

During the period from February to May the weather warms up a bit and the winds remain at around 15-20 knots.

There are several events that draw visitors during this time, including the Kite Jam in February and the BVI Spring Regatta in April, but travelers do report getting good rates on flights. You may have to contend with some crowds but the gorgeous conditions can more than make up for it.


When Things Slow Down

In May and June the busier season comes to an end. Things slow down, as do the winds. It is a time when you can enjoy plenty of space for anchoring and far fewer visitors.

At this time you may find less restaurants open and less people to chat with but it’s a very peaceful time to visit. The islands generally have quite a low amount of rainfall but there is a chance of showers starting in July.

This is also the time of the BVI’s Emancipation Festival, which actually could be a good reason to schedule your charter in late July or early August. It is a colorful celebration of the islands’ history and culture- the local music, food fairs and parades can make for a great complement to your sailing time in the Caribbean!


Slight Risk of Hurricanes

From September to November the islands have their chances of hurricane. You’ll still have very decent weather and temperatures, with steady winds. If your dream is to have a BVI beach all to yourself and really enjoy that desert island feel, this is probably the best time to come.

As you can see the best time to sail in the BVI can really depend upon your preferences and group interests! Each season brings something different, but we can help you find the best rates for the time you want to travel.

Our staff’s years of experience also means we can also help personalize a trip plan to your unique needs and preferences.